How Can Colleges Help Their Adult Students?


In this interview, Anne Clark Bartlett, a dean at the University of Washington at Tacoma, shares her experiences as a “nontraditional” college student, and thoughts on how colleges can better help adult learners succeed.
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50-State Comparison: Academic Credit for Military Experience


This resource provides information on state policies regarding academic credit for military experience. Currently, only twenty-nine states award students for military experience. The resource offers information on states that currently accommodate academic credit and policies behind the process.
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How to improve transfer outcomes for community college students


A new report found that learners who transfer from community colleges to four-year institutions and earn a degree are most successful if attending community colleges that prioritize student transfers by indicating clear pathways and provide academic support and advising. Education Dive highlights efforts that focus on creating a handbook of practices that would increase the transfer, and ultimately, graduation rate.
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Experts say higher ed, business must work together to solve student debt


The article discusses the problem of student debt and strategies to tackle it, leading to a highly qualified and debt-free workforce. Leaders on both sides, educators and businesses, must work together, investing in scholarships and work forgiveness programs, to widen access to higher education for students of all backgrounds, regardless of tuition costs.
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Centers of the Pedagogical Universe


Inside Higher Ed showcases a trend in pedagogy, where interest in learning new technologies and using it to improve teaching skills is declining in favor of using existing technology with better pedagogical skills. Lieberman makes the case that the race to get the new and most updated technological “gadgets” is shifting to instructors exploring new teaching approaches and experimenting with new formats. Learn more.