The value of the DQP for faculty members

There are five principal values of the DQP for faculty.

  • It draws faculty into active clarification of how and what they teach in relation to what their students learn.
  • It encourages them to examine more fully the content and methods of their fields of study in relation to priorities that span departmental and school boundaries. (The DQP can prompt a shift of perspective from “my courses” to “our curriculum.”)
  • It can help foster purposeful, sustained interactions with colleagues concerning the purposes of colleges and universities, i.e., to generate, preserve, evaluate and disseminate knowledge.
  • The DQP enables faculty to examine the assignments they give to students so as to ensure that these assignments foster and properly assess the desired proficiencies.
  • Faculty members’ collaborative engagement with the DQP reinforces and demonstrates the value of their intentionality in strengthening the quality of both learning and teaching.