Tools for using the DQP

The DQP is presented in four ways:

  • The narrative sets forth degree-qualifying proficiencies in detail.
  • The matrix provides a perspective on ways in which the proficiencies of the DQP relate to one another and to the student’s entire learning experience at any degree level. In so doing, the matrix  also offers a platform for curricular evaluation, planning, assignment development and assessment. The implications of this matrix for assignments discussed here are elaborated and illustrated in Appendix C.
  • A spider web diagram illustrates the flexibility of the DQP as used by different institutions in light of their distinctive areas of strength and mission. While all of the DQP’s overarching proficiencies should be represented in every spider web, the proficiencies may be weighted and shaped differently according to institutional missions and priorities.
  • The proficiencies appear on a grid that offers an alternate visualization in a compact overview.