The grid

The grid on the arrays an ascending sequence of credentials (associate, bachelor’s, master’s) on one axis, and specific areas of knowledge or performance on the other axis. Cells in the table thus contain specific descriptions of the proficiency expected at that level and in that area. When read on one axis, the framework describes ascending proficiencies in a given area at increasingly higher award levels. When read on the other axis, the framework describes all of the proficiencies across areas required for a given degree.

Please note:

  • The proficiency statements contained in this grid are the full statements presented starting in the “Degree Qualifications Profile” section.
  • Each degree level assumes expectations articulated for prior degrees (expectations at the bachelor’s degree level include those listed for the associate degree).
  • Specific tasks or assignments are cited in the proficiency statements only as illustrative examples. (See Appendix C)
  • On the section headed “Intellectual Skills,” expectations are further categorized according to six specific skills, arrayed in the far-left column.